Start Cup Bergamo 2018

The Pesenti Foundation, strengthening its collaboration with the University of Bergamo, supports this year the Start Cup Bergamo 2018, an opportunity to enhance the business ideas of the new generations, and in particular the projects developed by Bergamo 2.035, an initiative carried out over several years by the Pesenti Foundation, the University of Bergamo and Harvard University – Graduate School of Design.



Start Cup Bergamo

Start Cup Bergamo 2018 is a business competition and a complete entrepreneurial training, conceived and realized by the University of Bergamo, which offers students and aspiring entrepreneurs the chance, and the challenge, to become successful future startuppers.


The project also aims to consolidate the relationship between the University of Bergamo and the local economic and industrial fabric through the enhancement of research and technology transfer activities.


The University and the Pesenti Foundation, through the Start Cup project, implement concrete measures aimed at supporting young talents, unleashing their inventive potential and fueling their entrepreneurial spirit, to make them drivers of development and growth so that they can become the engine of creation and growth of high potential and innovative young firms.


Press conference Start Cup Bergamo 2018, from left Daniele Gamba, Tommaso Minola, Remo Morzenti Pellegrini, Sergio Cavalieri, Paolo Pressiani.



Edition 2018


Start Cup 2018 will in particular focus on advanced manufacturing, health and personal care, creative and cultural industries, developing specific training modules with the contribution of new partners. The business sectors were selected according to the following criteria: on the one hand, these sectors provide a broad spectrum of innovative opportunities for small and young enterprises able to compete with industrial giants in the world market and develop new technological standards; on the other hand, the multidisciplinarity of technological, social and cultural skills—as embodied in the University of Bergamo research and training programs—is a winning approach.


The ambition of the Pesenti Foundation is primarily to support the best proposed projects—also with respect to their “impact investing” potential—carrying the potential of positively affecting the community social dynamics.


The IX edition will also feature new items such as the collaboration with the Tsinghua University in Beijing, regarded as one of the top engineering and computer science schools in the world.


Sergio Crippa, Secretary-General of Pesenti Foundation.



The ninth edition of Start Cup Bergamo will confirm the following activities:

– the Team Building Day, aimed at creating multidisciplinary teams that will receive extensive entrepreneurial training. The event is targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable business ideas and at all the people who want to show off their creativity and share ideas.


– the Start Cup School, an advanced entrepreneurial training course developed with the Universities of Cambridge and Maastricht (as part of to the “Campus Entrepreneurship” Excellence Initiative carriec out by the University of Bergamo), which involves the development of the idea and its applications in a business plan to attract investors.


entrepreneurial support, from university tutors and industry experts;

– the final event to be held in October 2018, at the end of the training course, during the BergamoScienza Festival;


– a development phase in which projects will receive accreditation and opportunities for mentoring, in a close collaboration with University Departments and Research Centers for technical and economic assessment—to make the transition from idea to business, find financial resources and build initial commercial partnerships—or international development opportunities at the University of Cambridge and Maastricht as part of the “Campus Entrepreneurship” project.


Starting this year, a selected team will have the opportunity of a study experience in Beijing at X-lab, the Tsinghua University platform dedicated to entrepreneurial training and innovation.



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Sergio Crippa, Secretary-General of Pesenti Foundation, on meaning of partnership with Start Cup Bergamo