Raffaello. Art and Investment


23 gennaio 2018 – Oscar Giannino today at the meeting with the organizations supporting the exhibition “Raffaello and the Echo of the Myth” in Bergamo.
The exhibition “Raffaello and the Echo of the Myth” provides an opportunity for further interaction between culture and business and new forms of patronage.



Photo Courtesy Accademia Carrara Bergamo



Over the centuries arts and culture have flourished thanks not only to the artist’s genius but also to the will and foresight of patrons at first, and of collectors later, contributing to establish and maintain a heritage, that we can still enjoy today. The proof lies in the Accademia Carrara’s history itself, since it is recognized not only as one of the most beautiful art galleries in the world but also as the “Museum” of the Italian collectors.


Today, Accademia Carrara can count on the constant support of the members of the Accademia Carrara Foundation, and on the occasion of “Raffaello and the echo of the myth” exhibition many companies joined the project, confirming the quality and the value of the initiative on a territorial, national and international level.

Patrons embraced the challenge of the Museum, seduced by the prestige of linking their names to such a relevant cultural context as well as by the opportunity of personalized initiatives and collaborations.



Raffaello e l’eco del mito


Curated by Maria Cristina Rodeschini, Emanuela Daffra and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio.


A project by the Carrara Academy Foundation in collaboration with the Bergamo Municipality, GAMeC – Bergamo Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery and in co-production with Marsilio Electa.


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