Leslie Robertson skyscrapers engineer at Fondazione Cav. Lav. Carlo Pesenti

8 October 2008 – Leslie Robertson, chief engineer of design of the tallest buildings in the world met, last Wednesday October 8th, a number of students from Bergamo University Engineering Department.
The ideal setting was Fondazione Cav. Lav. Carlo Pesenti that promotes education and scientific research by high formation processes and training aimed at the growth of young generations.


Giovanni Giavazzi President of the Foundation welcomed Mr Robertson and his wife.
This meeting at Italcementi headquarters in Bergamo was such an opportunity for Mr Robertson to visit laboratories and meet thirty students that in the afternoon followed his lecture at Bergamo University Engineering department.
This visit allowed Mr.Robertson to ascertain Italcementi commitment in the research of new materials and innovative technical solutions available to the whole construction sector

Italcementi’s researchers showed Mr Robertson, TX Active® high quality standards of killing pollution as a new weapon against smog. The New York Times recently praised the innovative value of TX Active®.
In a scoreboard published by the magazine of the US daily, TX Active® is named as one of the 70 most innovative ideas of 2007 Mr. Robertson paid a special attention to this cement and its photocatalytic principle that can reduce organic and inorganic pollutants that are present in the air, as ideal product for the buildings of the future.


Leslie Robertson

Leslie E. Robertson was the chief engineer in charge of design of the World Trade Centre in New York, which was destroyed in the September 11, 2001 attacks.
He has been structural engineer on numerous other projects, including the Shanghai World Financial Centre and Mr. Robertson is responsible for the structural design of hundreds of buildings and structures about the world including the World Trade Centre (New York), the United States Steel Headquarters (Pittsburgh), the Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong), Puerta de Europa (Madrid) and the Continental Arena (Meadowlands) as well as exceptional museums in Berlin, Portland (Maine) and Seattle, and the Miho Museum Bridge (Japan).With his innovations in structural engineering, Mr. Robertson has set new standards in the design and construction of tall buildings.
A pioneer in the application of computers to design, he has advanced the art and the science of structural engineering theory. Mr. Robertson’s work on skyscrapers, domes, bridges and long-span roofs has transformed engineering theory into practical technological breakthroughs that free architects to build the stuff of dreams the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. He received the IStructE Gold Medal in 2004.


The Conference

The Foundation supported BergamoScienza event including a conference of Mr.Robertson.