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Major Hazards. More and More of an Emergency

13 December 2018 – The Pesenti Foundation Conference “MAJOR HAZARDS. MORE AND MORE OF AN EMERGENCY. New businesses to find new technical and organizational answers. The challenge of start-ups as an innovative response to new needs” was held today at the premises of Corriere della Sera Foundation. Guest speakers included Lorenzo Allevi, Co-founder and AD […]

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The sustainable utopia | Corriere della Sera Foundation and Pesenti Foundation

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 – Pesenti Foundation and Corriere della Sera Foundation presented a conference entitled “The sustainable utopia” with the participation of Maurizio Ferrera, Enrico Giovannini, Giuliano Pisapia and Massimo Sideri. THE SUSTAINABLE UTOPIA | Maurizio Ferrera, Enrico Giovannini, Giuliano Pisapia, Massimo Sideri Maurizio Ferrera Full Professor of Political Science University of Milan Enrico Giovannini Founder […]

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BIT GENERATION “Cryptocurrencies and their use amidst technology, legality and freedom”

“Cryptocurrencies and their use amidst technology, legality and freedom” was the theme of the Pesenti Foundation’s annual meeting. Are cryptocurrencies just a commodity money, yet another financialization of the real economy, or do they represent an inevitable evolution of an increasingly liquid and interconnected world? Are cryptocurrencies the tangible sign that computers and sophisticated artificial […]

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